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This is our favorite page on the website! Dogs in this section have found a happy home with their adoptive families through Second Chance. Once you have adopted a dog through Second Chance Dog Rescue, we would love to post your "Happy Tails" story and pictures here. Please email your stories and pictures to Lisa.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is proud to announce the following adoptions that have taken place since 2004. Most of the dogs that come into Second Chance Dog Rescue were either on their final days or very close to it. Each of the dogs that are taken into the rescue are examined by the vet and provided with all shots, as well as they are neutered or spayed and heartworm tested. The majority of the dogs are often very sick and may also need time to just "feel better". For many of you that adopted from us, our house was just the first step; your home has become your new pet's final step in finding his/her "forever home". Hopefully, as time has gone on, your new friend is settling in and the pain that we once saw in his eyes is turning into the joy of knowing that his forever home is one that is filled with love and security.

To read our happy tails simply click on the first letter of the dog's name to see the happy tails of all the dogs whose name begins with that letter.

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Hi Lisa, Tango is doing wonderful at his new forever home! He such a good boy and is so loving to all of us. He loves going on walks and chasing balls around. My two boys are in love with him and we couldn't imagine life without Tango <3 Thank you so much for giving us Tango!!


Hey Ms. Lisa!

just wanted you to know I love my new mommy and daddy. They are the best parents and spoil me so much (they even let me sleep in the bed with them)! I look so much better now. I have a full coat of now gorgeous white hair (instead of that patchy yellow fur I had) and I am bigger now and eating great! I have met lots of other dogs and have loved going on runs with mommy at Prince William Park. I've also learned how to sit, lay down, fetch, and walk without a leash. Thank you for taking care of me and finding me a great family!

WoofWoof, Tiffany

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