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This is our favorite page on the website! Dogs in this section have found a happy home with their adoptive families through Second Chance. Once you have adopted a dog through Second Chance Dog Rescue, we would love to post your "Happy Tails" story and pictures here. Please email your stories and pictures to Lisa.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is proud to announce the following adoptions that have taken place since 2004. Most of the dogs that come into Second Chance Dog Rescue were either on their final days or very close to it. Each of the dogs that are taken into the rescue are examined by the vet and provided with all shots, as well as they are neutered or spayed and heartworm tested. The majority of the dogs are often very sick and may also need time to just "feel better". For many of you that adopted from us, our house was just the first step; your home has become your new pet's final step in finding his/her "forever home". Hopefully, as time has gone on, your new friend is settling in and the pain that we once saw in his eyes is turning into the joy of knowing that his forever home is one that is filled with love and security.

To read our happy tails simply click on the first letter of the dog's name to see the happy tails of all the dogs whose name begins with that letter.

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Hi Lisa! Ginger is doing fantastically well. She is quite a character and has us all wrapped around her paws :) She's gained a bit of weight (the vet says she 'perfect') and truly is a ball of fun! She loves to give lots of kisses and is having a great time with the boys. She's enjoying sleeping in our big bed with us at night, but I bet she'd enjoy it more if we let her sleep alone in it ;) In late July, during a trip to Ginger's favorite place--Petsmart, we happened upon a rescue event going on there. We met a little Chihuahua and fell in love with him. We renamed him Skippyjonjones (after the series of children's books about a Siamese kitten who thinks he is a Chihuahua in his fantasy world). It took him a bit to warm up as he'd had a rough life, but Ginger taught him the love of playing with toys and now they are best buds. They truly have rounded out our family and we cannot imagine life without them. I became very ill in early July & was hospitalized in ICU for about 10 days. Once I came home, Ginger was velcroed to my side and took fantastic care of me. She prefers to be where we are, so she never ventures far from us either inside or outside. She's great on a harness and loves to go on hikes with Brad & the Boys. Skippy would much rather ride along in his carry pack :) We hope all is well for you and all the animals at your rescue. They are so very lucky to have you to care for them, and we feel that you are the reason why Ginger 'fit' perfectly with us. Within 24hrs she'd completely bonded. That shows that she learned how to trust from you :) Did you adopt out all of those adorable puppies? When we came to bring Ginger home, they were just born, and oh-so-sweet. I thought we were going to have to check Jared's pockets on the way out since he was so in love with them :) If he had his way, we would've taken ALL of them home!

ince a full year has passed since we adopted Ginger, I thought I'd give you another update. Ms. Ginger rules the roost! She is a bundle of energy and love that seriously likes to eat! She's a bit chunkier than when we got her (I almost fell over at her yearly checkup when they told me she was 20 lbs!!) despite giving her weight control dog food. She finds a way to get food off our high countertops (former owner was the jolly green giant) and has even figured out a way to get food out of Skippy's crate with her long tongue! But she is a happy, silly, funny girl and we can't imagine life without her in our family. My grandmother even asks how the dogs are before asking about her great-grandchildren! We had Ginger's cherry-eye fixed in January, and wouldn't you know--it came back, and she even had one in the other eye for a bit but that has resolved itself without surgery. We are waiting until fall to take her back to have it fixed, but she's gorgeous none-the-less :)

We like to take the dogs on outings every weekend and since the weather is nice, we've been exploring the different state parks and some brand spankin' new dog parks right near us. I'm going to attach some pics of both Ginger and her 'brother' Skippyjonjones. I managed to catch some dog 'smiles' on film and they are priceless!! I hope all is well with you, Jesse, and all of your dogs :) Warm regards, Amy, Brad, Dylan, Jared, Ginger & Skippyjonjones

Gracie (Formerly Sassy)

Gracie did very well with Sit, Down, Swivel (laying on side) Come Commands. We finally conquered the Potty training at home. We are now dealing with the evening barking. Other than that all is going well. She's gained weight. She is up to 14lbs. Again, thanks for the opportunity of the adoption. It's been fantastic having her with us. Gracias!!!!! Hello, Gracie is doing great and again, Thanks. Training is on going as is the playing. She has adapted graciously and everyone in the neighborhood are in love with her. She even gets along with the oddest of dogs as well. She is a blessing. We are very happy with her and she feels at home.

Gracie Rescues Dad!!!

I just wanted to pass on just how over-protective Gracie (Sassy), a Lhasa Apso that we adopted from Second Chance in October of 2007. I was undergoing high blood pressure medication testing to see which medication would control my high blood pressure. It was about 10 pm on a monday night when I awoke to use the bathroom and I passed out. My head crashed against the chair-rail along the wall which opened a gash (that required 14 stitches to close) above my left eye and forehead. I hit the floor and was awakened by Gracie who then ran downstairs and started barking and running in a circle to alert my wife. Needless to say, Gracie is so attentive. She watches everything I do and follows me everywhere I go. She also understands what and where I say I'm going. I just wanted to share this with you and your other (adopted) parents of the pets you assist/provide to loving families Attached a picture of Gracie, (AKA- Sassy). Thanks!!! Jose', Geri & Gracie Ortiz

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