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This is our favorite page on the website! Dogs in this section have found a happy home with their adoptive families through Second Chance. Once you have adopted a dog through Second Chance Dog Rescue, we would love to post your "Happy Tails" story and pictures here. Please email your stories and pictures to Lisa.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is proud to announce the following adoptions that have taken place since 2004. Most of the dogs that come into Second Chance Dog Rescue were either on their final days or very close to it. Each of the dogs that are taken into the rescue are examined by the vet and provided with all shots, as well as they are neutered or spayed and heartworm tested. The majority of the dogs are often very sick and may also need time to just "feel better". For many of you that adopted from us, our house was just the first step; your home has become your new pet's final step in finding his/her "forever home". Hopefully, as time has gone on, your new friend is settling in and the pain that we once saw in his eyes is turning into the joy of knowing that his forever home is one that is filled with love and security.

To read our happy tails simply click on the first letter of the dog's name to see the happy tails of all the dogs whose name begins with that letter.

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Hi Lisa,

I thought you'd like to see some puppy pictures that were taken this week. Her name has changed again, but this time it will stick and the new name is Cali. I made it official when I had the ID tag inscribed! She's a sweet dog and we are truly enjoying her. Thanks so much for helping us to get Cali; she's a great addition to the family.



Chili is part of the best 9 puppies.


My friend's four-year-old wanted to trick or treat with Chili and go as princesses. Chili opted for Snow White, or should I say Snow Mutt. As you can tell by the look on her face, she was ecstatic. Chili is doing great. I am looking forward to our first holiday season together.

Chamois (Formerly Buffet)

Chamois (Buffet) is doing extremely well. He loves going to the beach with us and chasing everything that doesn't chase him first. He is full of energy and loves to play with other dogs no matter what size they are as well as our nine cats. He just turned one on March 1st. He has grown a lot and is now about the size of a large cat. Since he first got here we have gotten three more cats and some chickens. Another one of his pastimes is playing tag with our two daughters. All in all he is just a happy little boy.

The Outlaws


Hi Lisa, Allen and I have one son who is 5 years old. He is an only child, and unfortunately, always will be. I have never had a pet in all of my life, and I really wanted one for Patrick. I knew he would love the companionship. At work one day, I went to your web site through the shelter's web site and the first picture I clicked on was Clay. It was just about a week later that we adopted him. He was truly the perfect dog for us. He was obviously scared at first but it didn't take long to warm up. Patrick LOVES his dog, and Allen and I adore him as well. He loves to be close and loves to be loved and he gets plenty of it here. You can actually tell that he is appreciative of his new family as we are able to provide him with all of the things that he should have had. Patrick and I took a nap today on my bed and when we woke up, Clay was smack dab in the middle of us, snoring like a freight train. It was really funny. We have not only provided him with a better life, but he has provided us with lots more love and giggles. Thanks for giving us the chance to have him, as I can't even imagine life without him now. Hugs, Kath

This message is from Patrick: Dear Miss Lisa, We love Clay a lot and we give him a lot of kisses and we pet him. When you scratch on his ears that makes him fall asleep.

UPDATE 09/19/2005: Hi Lisa! Well things have changed around here a bit with our routine. Patrick is going to Kindergarten now, and his "Clay boy" loves to go to the bus stop in the morning. He waits by the door as soon as a I put his leash on. He loves to sniff the other kids' for some silly reason. In the mornings Clay will wait out in the loft looking into Patrick's room. When his alarm goes off he jumps up into his bed and kisses the heck out of him because he knows it's time for him to get up. When he greets him off the bus he's so excited sometimes he dribbles! They have really become best buds. It took some time on Clay's part, but it really warms my heart to see them together. When we went to back to school night last night some of the art work displayed had almost everything to do with "Clayboy"! So as you know Clay is doing great. He has been shedding since May and it seems there is no stopping it. I have to vacuum/dry mop every day or my wood floors look like they are blanketed by dog fur! Oh, and the Clay"dos" as Allen says, are not so fun! We are really enjoying him! I hope all is well with you and the rescue. Hugs, Kathryn


Collin is doing very well. He is very happy, healthy and well adjusted. He has been easy to manage.



Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Cooper. I think it’s just past our one year anniversary with Cooper and I wanted you to know how much he has become a part of our family. He’s been the best dog ever, with such a laid-back, sweet personality. My sister-in-law jokingly begs me to give him to her as he is great around her one year old baby, but there is absolutely nothing that could take Cooper away from us. I’m so glad he’s a part of our lives now. Enjoy the pictures!

Best, Samara Presley


Hey Lisa,

I lost track of time - vacation - kids - work. I have attached a picture of Cosmo. I absolutely love the little guy.


CJ (formerly Scrappy)


Lisa, Thank you so much for CJ and all the encouragement you have provided. When I first met CJ, he was at a Petsmart adoption. He was very frightened and hid behind his foster Mom. But there was just something about him that was so sweet. He needed someone and so did I; thus, a match was made. He wasn’t at all what I expected – he had separation anxiety and got sick in the car. I learned to always leave the window open a bit so he could get some air and I bought him a lookout seat for the car (he hasn't been sick on a ride since). I took him to doggie daycare for the long work days and was grateful that I could afford to do that for him. It’s been a long learning process, but, after 11 months, I can finally tell people what a jewel I have and how great things are. He is smart, funny, and devoted. He is a hit with the neighbors and their dogs. He is able to stay at home by himself for a few hours at a time. He is the ideal companion and I can’t imagine him not being in my life. The way he jumps up on the bench for me to put a leash on him, does that last high leap when he pounces on his toys, and stretches his right forepaw in the morning to touch the side of my face are so endearing. I’m glad I had the time to get to know and appreciate this beautiful little dog. He wasn’t at all like my last dog or even the dog I dreamed of. But, given, love, patience, and good care, he has exceeded all my expectations. I am so unbelievably lucky to have CJ. All the efforts that I made to make him feel safe and comfortable were completely worth it.

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