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This is our favorite page on the website! Dogs in this section have found a happy home with their adoptive families through Second Chance. Once you have adopted a dog through Second Chance Dog Rescue, we would love to post your "Happy Tails" story and pictures here. Please email your stories and pictures to Lisa.

Second Chance Dog Rescue is proud to announce the following adoptions that have taken place since 2004. Most of the dogs that come into Second Chance Dog Rescue were either on their final days or very close to it. Each of the dogs that are taken into the rescue are examined by the vet and provided with all shots, as well as they are neutered or spayed and heartworm tested. The majority of the dogs are often very sick and may also need time to just "feel better". For many of you that adopted from us, our house was just the first step; your home has become your new pet's final step in finding his/her "forever home". Hopefully, as time has gone on, your new friend is settling in and the pain that we once saw in his eyes is turning into the joy of knowing that his forever home is one that is filled with love and security.

To read our happy tails simply click on the first letter of the dog's name to see the happy tails of all the dogs whose name begins with that letter.

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Abby (Formerly Dawn)

Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to give you an update on Abby (formerly known as Dawn). She is doing great and loves hiking the mountain trails with us as you can see from the attached photos. When she’s not exploring the great outdoors, she is usually napping the day away in our sunny apartment. She’s a wonderful companion and the perfect addition to our family. Thanks so much to you and the rescue for your time and help in letting us adopt such a sweet little dog.

Sincerely, Kathi VanPeeren


Lisa, Andy is doing great. He's now a bed dog..... Slept the first night in his crate, Saturday I took him to bed with me and he's been there ever since. He loves to walk on a leash and was a very good boy when I gave him a bath.

We are in love with each other!


Hi Lisa, We have been so busy these past few months, that I have not kept you updated on Angel. I enrolled her in Basic Obedience Training and she was terrified of the large dogs. She would not leave my side, and would not try to do anything except head for the door. I took her twice and she was so nervous I thought it was not worth it. She went one day to "Puppy Care" she did not socialize with the others, but sniffed around and I think enjoyed the day. She is very spoiled. She and mother have a routine and it is funny to watch how they interact and keep each other company. I have never seen a companion that fits so well into our lifestyle and she seems happy as a lark. I know we can't think of how things were without her. She loves to sleep with us and she spends part of the night with Mother and the rest of the night with me. Thank you again for sharing Angel with us. I hope to have some pictures before too long.

Annie (Formerly Gretta)

Annie is eating really well and playing well. She enjoys snuggling in my lap when she's sleeping. It's funny because I took her off my lap and put her beside me because i needed to work on my laptop...she looked at me like "are you kidding" and sleepily climbed back up and nestled half on my lap and half on the keyboard. So she's a LOT more snuggly than I expected, which is fine with me. She's taken to walking on the leash, and she's fascinated by her jingling tag when she walks....she keeps looking down to try to find out what the noise is...which is comical to watch. I take her out in the night time and have a flashlight with me and she loves to chase the light when I bounce it on the pavement a few feet in front of her.

Lisa, it's been awhile but I thought I'd send you a picture of our friend Annie. She is a great ball catcher and as you can see, she lives pretty good. Thank you very much. She's a great dog!

Hello Lisa! We adopted Annie from you about 5 years ago. Her name was Gretta then. Just thought I'd send a picture, she's doing fine and is a big part of our lives. Thank you!




I want to thank you for providing us with a wonderful match for our family. He is sweet and lovable and well behaved. My two boys love him and showing him off to all their friends and the entire neighborhood. He is gentle and tolerant of all and we could not be happier. He slept with my sons last night and he did great. The boys were in heaven and he did not have an accident. (I was in heaven).

We are getting lots of exercise together. Yesterday, I walked him almost four miles (1 mile at 6 am before everyone is up), one mile to take kids to school (1/2 mile each way), 1 mile to pick them up and a mile with my husband around 9:00. When the kids come home from school, they played with him till it started to rain and ran him more in the yard. He seems very well adjusted and likes to stay with me. He is at my feet when I am at home (working at the computer or making dinner, etc). The Outlaws

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