Second Chance-Give Up Your Pet

Second Chance Rescue prefers to take dogs that are at the local shelters and have a greater chance of being euthanized.

  • Your dog must be current on all shots and be either spayed or neutered and heartworm negative.
  • We require a recent heartworm test as well as all information from your vet stating the above.
  • We will also ask for a donation to cover the cost of the dog's food and heartworm prevention until he/she is adopted.

Give Up Form - This form releases your dog to Second Chance Rescue.

Give Up Form 2 - This form needs to be filled out so that we can place your friend in the best home possible. By filling out this form, it will help us to learn more about your friend and make his transition as smooth as possible.

Second Chance Rescue limits the dogs that we are able to rescue to those that can be placed with families that usually have small children. We are unable to accept strays, pit bulls or other larger breed dogs. Second Chance Rescue survives solely on adoption fees, surrender fees and any donations it is lucky enough to receive.

Contact Info

Second Chance Dog Rescue
Phone: (540) 538-9173
Hours: By Appointment